Hre you can find useful information regarding the shoes, the aquisition options and the shoes delivery.

1. Who are we?

We are Loake Distribution team, the official distributor of Loake Shoemakers, based in Bucharest. We have a first rank relationship with the central company and act as their official distributor, having exclusivity in South-Eastern Europe. We work as an active presence of the brand in the territory, promoting it and bringing the Loake experience closer to the end-customer.

2. Why choose Loake?

Loake is the official supplier of men’s footwear to the Royal Family of the UK, having a history dating back to 1880, to which, both newcomers and experienced shoe-wearers, can relate. It offers a high-quality product with a durable life-span, a wide range of models and colours, a solid built and a fit for every type of foot. Also, we are proud to guide and advise you while searching for a pair of shoes, since good quality comes together with great experience.

3. How to buy?

As the official partner of Loake in Romania, we promote the brand, independently of where you buy it from. You can find the list of official Loake shops in the contact page, here. Still, if you want to buy directly from this website, benefiting from the guarantee of the prices promoted here, please place an order via e-mail and we’ll send you the package through a courier service with payment due by delivery.

4. What's my size?

While choosing a perfect fit, one needs to pay great attention to the built of the shoe, particularly to the materials of which it is made of. With Loake, a brand known for its attention to details and investment in all natural elements, we suggest to go for a tight fit, leaving it to the shoe to adjust to the wearer’s feet in a few walks. If you wonder what size to go for, always go for the fitter one, since natural leather stretches over time.


5. What fitting to go for?

The FIT is the width across the foot. The wider the foot, the more internal volume has the shoe. For a perfect fit, one needs to pay great attention to the built of the shoe, together with its feet. With Loake, a brand known for its variety of models and fittings, it’s easy to find a good last/fitting combination, but our suggestion is to go for a tight fit, leaving it to the shoe to adjust to the wearer’s feet in a few walks, since natural leather stretches over time.

E – NarrowE5
F – MediumEE6
G – WideEEE7
H – Extra WideEEEE8

6. What kind of sole should I choose?

Here is a list of the sole types and their main attributes:
Goodyear welted leather sole
This is what Northampton manufacturers are traditionally known for. The sole is stitched to a welt which means the shoe gives great comfort and excellent shape retention, together with a long life and a high water resistance.


Welted Rubber soles
This is similar to the “Goodyear welted Leather sole” construction except the sole material is rubber giving better adherence, harder wear and an even higher water resistance.


Leather Sole Rubber Fore Part
This gives all the benefits of a leather sole but the added adherence, flexibility and durability of a rubber forepart.


Cemented Leather Sole
This is a construction using specialised adhesives in place of stitched welts to bond the upper to the sole, giving lightness in weight and a thinner sole profile appearance, that the welted construction cannot.


Given the above mentioned characteristics, we should choose our shoes accordingly, taking the season, weather conditions and wear occasions into consideration.